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Classes below are listed by Grade Range within each hour.
Please note that some classes may require teacher permission to join.
Updated: 4/9/2018

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1:00-2:00 2:10-3:10 3:10-


Preschool Music

Alexander PS-K

ABC Creatures

Meisinger PS-K

Numbers All Around Me

Meisinger PS-K


Joyful Play

Johnson PS-1

Learning the Bible

Alexander PS-1


Dance Around the World

O'Dell K-2

Joyful Play

Johnson PS-1

PeeWee PE

Frank PS-K

Karate Kids

Alexander PS-1

Story of the World: The Middle Ages

Reimer 2-4

PE 101

Frank 1-3

Junior Book Club Level 2B

Holmes 1-3

Wild Paint Studio

Bishop K-2

Draw, Write, Sculpt 1: Social Studies

Smith K-3

Youth Atelier

Bishop 3-6

Youth Atelier

Bishop 3-6

LEGO Simple Machines and Beginning LEGO Robotics

Rector 1-3

Junior Book Club Level 1

Ripley 1-2

Exploring Words

Dennis 2-4

PE 201

Frank 4-6

Beginning Chess

Wilke 3-8

Mastering Multiplication and More - Math-U-See

Ren 2-5

Writing for Elementary 2-4

Dennis 2-4

Junior Book Club Level 3

Ripley 3-5

Writing with Style 4-6

Dennis 4-6

Earth Science I and An Introduction to Biblical Geology

Nurre 4-6

Muscle Matters

O'Dell 3-5

Biblical Science

Brenna 3-5

Birds, Bats, and Bugs

Adler 3-6

Cake Art

Harder, A. 6-12

Arithmetic 6-7

Grigas 5-10

That's Greek to Me

Brenna 4-7

American Girl History 3

Smith 3-6

LEGO Motorized Machines and Intermediate LEGO Robotics

Rector 4-6


Grigas 7-12

Conversational French

Harder, A. 6-8

Getting Attracted to Electricity and Magnetism

Morin 5-8

Shurley Grammar - Intermediate

Johnston 5-8

Into All the World Geography

Brenna 5-8

Public Speaking 101

Peterson 7-12

Narnia Themed Writing

Griffin 6-8

Introduction to US History A: Creation to the Civil War

Johnston 6-8

Great Battles for Boys: Ancients to Modern

Giorello 5-12

Musical Theatre Revue 5-8

Matlock 5-8

Physical Science

Zeutschel 8-10

Intermediate Guitar

Jensen 6-12

Magnets, Molecules, and Motion

Adler 6-8

Amylase, Arteries, and Alveoli

Adler 6-8

Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

Huang 6-8

American Government and Economics

Burt, J. 8-12

Sewing and More

Perez 6-12

Beginning Guitar

Jensen 6-12

Middle School Girls Fitness!!

Schelbrack 6-8

Middle School Writing

Holmes 6-9

French 2

Hiebert 9-12

Booting Up on Arduino

Morin 8-12

Creative Treasures

Sweeney 6-12

Middle School LEGO Robotics and Scratch Programming

Rector 6-8

Bible Memory-1 John

Postma 6-12

High School Biology

Adler 9-12

Academic Writing

Holmes 9-12

PE 301

Frank 7-12

Draw & Sketch: Intro

McDevitt 6-12

Draw & Sketch: Advanced

McDevitt 7-12

Modern Web Application Development

Harder, M. 9-12


Conceptual Physics

Zeutschel 9-12


Bishop 7-12

Responding to Literature

Dix 7-9

Physical Science

Zeutschel 8-10

Musical Theatre Revue 9-12

Matlock 9-12

High School Chemistry

Adler 9-12

Algebra 2

Grigas 9-12

Writing for High School - Level 1

Burt, M. 8-10

Algebra 1

Grigas 8-12



American Literature

Dix 9-12

Chronicle of Our Continent

Carrier 8-12

Introduction to Computer Programming (Java - AP Prep)

Mott 8-12

How to Write and Publish a Novel

Burt, M. 9-12

Forensic Science (Legacy CSI)

Zeutschel 9-12

U S History

Burt, J. 8-12

Why Am I?

Carrier 9-12


Grigas 9-12

High School Spanish 1

Hiebert 9-12


Langley 9-12

Strength and Conditioning

Frank 9-12