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Complete printable 2024-2025 Class Schedule

Complete printable 2024-2025 Course Catalog


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Classes below are listed by Grade Range within each hour.
Please note that some classes may require teacher permission to join. To request an Out of Grade Range Exception click here
Updated: 3/1/2024

9:00-10:00 10:10-11:10 11:20-12:20 12:20-
1:00-2:00 2:10-3:10 3:10-


Colors and Numbers and Shapes, Oh My!

McEntire PS-K

Math and Language Arts Games 1

Wong K-1

TumbleBees Gymnastics

Lay PS-K


Elementary Tumbling

Amborn K-5

Little Ninjas

McEntire PS-K



Taekwondo (K-5)

Rogers K-5

Explore Art

McEntire K-2


McEntire K-2


Art with a Science Bent

Schrank 1-5

Foundations for Reading and Spelling

Schrank K-4



Biblical Science 1-3

Kahler 1-3

Junior Book Club Level 2/3A

Ripley 2-5

Writing for Elementary

Dennis 2-4


Tea & History

McEntire 3-5

Acrylic Painting - E1

Chau 3-5



Exploring Words

Dennis 2-4

Intermediate Taekwondo

Rogers 3-11

Seals, Sharks and Cephalopods

Adler 3-5


Drama - Playmakers

Douglass 3-6

Gym Games

Mays 3-5



Math and Language Arts Games 2

Wong 2-4

Mystery of History II: the Early Church and the Middle Ages

Cole 4-8

All Roads Lead to Rome

Schrank 3-7


Biblical Science: Beyond Day 6

Kahler 4-6

Typing & Basic Computing

Amborn 3-8



Enjoying Literature Book Club

Ripley 5-6

Engineer Your World (5-6)

Morin 5-6

Adventures in Music!

Douglass 4-8


Writing for Middle School

Dennis 6-10

Writing with Style

Dennis 4-6



Algebra I

Li 6-10

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Adler 5-8

Taekwondo (5-11)

Rogers 5-11


Acrylic Painting - M1

Chau 6-12

Introduction to Logic

Postma 6-12



Bible Memory: James!

Postma 6-12

Minecraft Science and Coding

Kahler 6-8

Exploring Electricity & Magnetism

Morin 6-8


Volleyball, Basketball, and More

Nickols 6-12

Exploring Microcontrollers

Morin 7-10



High School GEOMETRY

Lay 7-12

Advanced Apparel Sewing

Bakker 6-12

Introduction to Apparel Sewing

Bakker 6-12


Engineer Your World (7-8)

Morin 7-8

Drama Production

Douglass 7-12


High School Chemisty

Adler 9-12

Algebra II

Li 7-12

Cartoon Economics

Amborn 6-12


Exploring Literature

Ripley 7-9

Java Object Oriented Programming and Data Structure

Pramono 8-12




Public Speaking

Dennis 8-12


Luraghi 9-12


Basic Graphic Design

Colino 7-12

Practical Computing

Kahler 8-12




Apologetics: Reason to Believe

Brannen 9-12

British Literature

Ripley 9-12